Pokemon 3: The Movie, according to movieguide.org

"Strong New Age pagan worldview coupled with a solid humanist message or premise, plus many occult elements & some moral elements, including a preference for reality & friendship over wish fulfillment & exploitation, boy endangers himself to save his kidnapped mother, & creatures work together to prevent their junkyard playground from toppling; no foul language; much cartoon violence, such as dog creature chases creatures that look like rabbits, fantasy creatures looking like turtles, plants, dogs, cats, lions, dragons, & other animals battle one another with special weapons such as fire, water sprays, electric shocks, & more, plus mystical alphabet blocks fly through the air in geometric formations communicating with one another while they turn landscape & village into crystal & make large sharp crystals sprout from the ground to attack other people & creatures; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking; and, kidnapping, mystical creatures with God-like powers hypnotize people & strong magical thinking mostly rebuked."

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